Rome & the Mille Miglia route


Rome is the city you have to feel for yourself and a brief bus tour will not bring the same sensation as a personal driving tour with Audi R8 Coupe or Maserati Quattroporte S will. Rome is very rich with historical attractions and you would need a lot of time to see everything; however, “VIP Car Milano” offers its clients Rome and Mille Miglia route that can summarize the most of this area and make you familiar with the culture generally. The first attraction that should be mentioned right away in regards with Rome is ancient Colloseum. As for the Mille Miglia route, also known as Cassia, it is a perfect path to make the most of the car you rent while enjoying the stunning views of Southern Tuscany and Northern Lazio. If you would like to find out more about Rome and the Mille Miglia route contact us!